Setting the fastest lap times is not a game of chance;
it is hard work and passion.
Czech Motorsport is a new platform for your success.
Not just in sports.

Czech Motorsport Company

Czech Motorsport a.s., whose name suggests a follow-up to the thirteen-year experience and successful existence of Československý Motorsport a.s., has extended a group Benet Automotive’s range by another platform mostly aimed at motorsports and business, which is its inseparable part. Benet Automotive includes companies such as Autodrom Most, Motorland Bělá, Agentura Pozitif, or Octavia Cup.

The priorities the company Czech Motorsport has chosen for the near future is the organization and untroubled course of the circuit championship Octavia Cup renewed in 2016. “Another task is to develop a new car Škoda Octavia. We want to build such a racing circuit car that would be able to face competition, e.g., in endurance races. The car could make the national circuit championship more attractive no later but in the year 2018,”

clarifies the Company’s role its owner, Josef Zajíček. The company Československý motorsport has been recently involved in numerous motorsport projects. The one that offers a good illustration is a racing driver, Michal Matějovský’s participation in the circuit series ETCC or the cooperation with the Buggyra team, e.g., in the Chinese truck championship within the FIA ETRC.